How to cite

iCount is developed and supported by Tomaž Curk from the Bioinformatics Laboratory at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science and in collaboration with Jernej Ule and members of the Ule Laboratory. In mid-2016, Jure Zmrzlikar was outsourced to refactor some of the code.

Many researchers and programmers have been involved in the development of iCount, from its early prototype in late 2008 to its current form:

  • Tomaž Curk
  • Gregor Rot
  • Črtomir Gorup
  • Igor Ruiz de los Mozos
  • Julian Konig
  • Jure Zmrzlikar
  • Yoichiro Sugimoto
  • Nejc Haberman
  • Goran Bobojević
  • Christian Hauer
  • Matthias Hentze
  • Blaž Zupan
  • Jernej Ule

If you use iCount in your research, please cite:

Curk et al. (2019) iCount: protein-RNA interaction iCLIP data analysis (in preparation).